Basic Kitchen Tools

pots and pansPots, Pans, and Skillets
The debate is still raging on as far as what material makes the best pots and pans. One fact remains clear, all cooks should have some quality pots and pans in their kitchen arsenal. Non-stick, porcelain, cast iron, copper and stainless steel are just a few of the available materials. A lot of personal preference comes into play when deciding what kind of kitchen equipment to buy at Ice Machines Plus. Some prefer non-stick for the ease of cleaning. Others dislike the chemicals involved in creating non-stick cookware, and prefer cast iron or another strong metal. Some of the best chefs suggest that a variety is the answer to the question; Cast iron skillets for browning, stainless steel for boiling, etc. Some research may be required, but every cook needs different pots and pans for a variety of dishes.

Garlic Press
This one is not so obvious, but it is actually a great asset in the kitchen. Tons of recipes call for minced garlic, and one way is to slice it up with a small knife. However, it is time-consuming and makes a cook’s fingers stink for hours. A garlic press takes the hassle out of mincing garlic and can do several cloves in a very short amount of time. Then the chef can throw it in the dishwasher without worry. This device is a real-time saver and does not cost too much.

Instant Read Thermometer
food thermometerA thermometer may seem like an unnecessary piece of equipment, but this is not so for avid meat lovers. In order to gauge the safe and most delicious temperature of a nice roast, a chef needs a thermometer. Undercooked meat can make people sick or even give them parasites, so it is essential to cook meat all the way through. On a less serious note, some people prefer meat a certain way, like medium or well done. A thermometer is required to cook meat to a certain point without drying it out.

There are a multitude of other kitchen tools that are crucial to the chef, such as graters, wooden spoons, locking tongs and cutting boards. This is just a quick list of some of the most useful items in a chef’s kitchen; a starter kit for the serious cook. Of course a cook can get away without some of these on the list, but they are designed to make the art and science of cooking easier. They allow for more multi-tasking and creative range. Real chefs at heart can make magic happen in the kitchen no matter what, so get out there and get cooking!